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Commercial Solar Film

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Safehaven Glass Protection and Tinting


Safehaven Glass Protection and Tinting provides you with Glass Barrier Solutions to Protect You, Your Family, Home, Business and Auto from Intruders and the Damaging UV Rays of the sun. Solar Window Films Save You Money by Reducing up to 80% of the Solar Heat Gain in your living and working environment during the summer and by insulating your windows to reduce heat loss in the winter. 

Solar and Decorative Films are available in a wide array of Shades, Colours and Textures to Beautify, Design and Stylize your Space. Window films also Greatly Enhance the Curb Appeal of your Property! 


All of our window film choices Block 99% of the Ultraviolet Light which causes damage and Premature Fading of Furnishings, Window Decor and Hardwood Flooring. 


In addition to all of these benefits, having Safehaven Glass Protection and Tinting install You will also achieve a high level of Privacy and Safety. Reflective Solar Films allow you to Leave the Blinds open while still Maintaining Complete Privacy and Cooling.


Safety and Security Films are more aggressive Glass Barrier Solutions which Protect you and your family from Flying shards of Glass in the event of Breakage and Reliably Resist Intruder Entry through breakage of windows. The ground floor windows of your premise are The Weakest Link in your security arsenal. With Security Film, they soon become the Strongest Link guarding you from intruders or Smash and Grab Burglars. Stopping tem, BEFORE they make Entry. 


SAFEHAVEN will install your new window films Professionally with flexible installation arrangments. Our Films are backed by LIFETIME Manufacturers Warranty for Residential installations and 10 Years on Commercial Installs. 


Call Safehaven Today, Be Comfortable and Secure Tomorrow!


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